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It has come to my attention that there are people out there who have not visited any of my sites. If that wasn't sad enough, it seems that a portion of those people have never even heard of me! Shocking, I know … we've moved from sad to downright tragic. While we're all aware of the discomfort experienced when one misses a few days or a week of my insightful and delightful musings, the long-term effects from lack of exposure to my wit and whimsy are as of yet unknown. But I imagine they'd be much like scurvy or rickets or some other scary-sounding, old-timey condition.


Don't subject your friends and family to futures filled with piles and consumption; take a minute to share a link to Buttercup Central with the people you care about. You'll be glad you did.

Indulge in the tasty sample posts below to prepare your palette for the full flavor of Pucker Up Buttercup and Terribly Earnest.

Baroness Buttercup Logo

Wisdom and Nonsense from Her Royal Highness The Baroness Buttercup - The primary blog of Buttercup Central, featuring the rarely serious thoughts and insights of the blogging Baroness.

Broness Buttercup Terribly Earnest

So Bad, It's Good - Diary entries. stories and awful poetry from my junior high years. So mortifying and cringeworthy, I just had to share.

Baroness Buttercup Terribly Earnest Video

My movies ... proof that I'm not one to let a little thing like a complete lack of artistic talent disuade me from expressing my creativity.

Carpet Pet

Storytime With The Baroness

Baroness Buttercup Moth

Say It Ain't So, Jo

BAroness Buttercup Jo

Lost: One Mojo, Reward If Found

Broness Buttercup Mojo

The Islanders: Part 6

Baroness Buttercup Terribly Earnest Islanders

Diary - Feb 18, 1980 

Baroness Buttercup Terribly Earnest Diary

Awful Poetry

Baroness Buttercup Terribly Earnest Poetry
Baroness Buttercup shenaniganism logo

What does a blogging, athiest, lesbian, Baroness do when she can't find a philosophy that suits her? She creates her own, of course. Welcome to Shenaniganism!

Baroness Buttercup shenaniganism Twister

Stuff Happens

Baroness Buttercup Shenaniganism logo2

What is Shenaniganism?

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