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What Is Shenaniganism

Shenaniganism is not a religion. It is a belief system, a way of life. It is about living in the present and doing the best you can with what you have in the given situation. It focuses on the now and finding the positive in the now.


It doesn’t try to explain how we came to be or what happens to us when we cease to be. Shenaniganism has no concept of a being (God, Creator, Divine Power, Cosmic Entity, etc.) that makes things happen, keeps things from happening, puts things or people in our paths, teaches us lessons or influences our lives in any way. There are no punishments and being a Shenaniganist is its own reward. The power of Shenaniganism is the energy derived from avoiding negativity and focusing on positive thoughts, words and actions. This power is called The Shen or just Shen.


By filling their lives with love, joy, hope, happiness, forgiveness, kindness, tolerance, exuberance, honesty, openness, laughter, generosity and serenity, Shenaniganists harness the power of The Shen to flush out hate, sorrow, despair, sadness, blame, cruelty, prejudice, apathy, deceit, self-pity, anger, greed and fear. They believe that Shen is contagious, both internally and externally. Shenaniganists increase and strengthen their Shen by focusing on optimistic thoughts and ideas, acting with integrity, looking for positive traits in others and trying to find the humor or positive aspects of situations. They spread Shen by sharing their sunny outlook on life, being conscientious of how their words and actions affect others and by being the best example they can of a practicing Shenaniganist.

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